Wisdom and Sunday have shown what it takes to build a business from scratch defying all odds set before them.  Their partnership is like a marriage that truly works.”

Dr Olumide Emmanuel

Renowned Author and Business Coach


from local land sellers to  global business leaders.

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“Go fast alone, Go far with a partner"

This is the story of how we went from local land sellers to global business leaders within a decade. Everyone can start a business and create wealth if they knew the secrets we know… And it doesn’t have to be a secret. 

In The Pertinence Way, we share all the lessons, pitfalls, and victories earned along our entrepreneurial journey.  Remember, your best investment is in knowledge. 

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Inside The Book

In 2012, two young men (Sunday and Wisdom), looked beyond their ethnicities and humble beginnings. They set out to execute a great idea. Undoubtedly, the duo were hungry for significance, but most of all, they were driven by the passion to liberate people financially. This formed the fulcrum of the Pertinence story. Follow their intriguing story in this chapter

Business NOT as usual. They pioneering a multi-level network structure in Nigeria’s real estate industry. The structure is common in the investment sectors; prior to their adaptation, it had not been applied  in Nigeria’s real estate business. Learn more in chapter 2.

Like in marriages, many business partnerships crumble for several reasons. Against all odds, the Pertinence co-founders determined to create the story of an African business partnership that works. Chapter 3 reveals some difficult conversations they held leading to the partnership deed.

Here they talked extensively about the Pertinence culture, which thrives on communal relationships in the workplace, personal responsibility, inclusion, and productivity. They recount experiences that shaped the Pertinence culture. All that in Chapter 4.

In Chapter 5, they shared the Pertinence work philosophies, guiding principles, rules, regulations, and laws; that have kept the team going for a decade and more.

It’s a no-holds-barred Chapter 6, as they took a deep dive into some business decisions they made right on time, some made a tad bit late, and others never made! We spill all the tea: from what they did to get the first business funding to how they’ve grown several businesses under the business group. Chao

Sunday and Wisdom are not oblivious of the fact that many business partnerships fail. They are not ignorant of the fact that when partnerships do succeed, they are a beauty to behold. So, in this Chapter 7, they shared some value systems imbibe personally and collectively to make their business partnership succeed.

In Chapter 8, they answered some frequently asked questions on business partnerships received over the years. They shared the good times, the uncomfortable moments, and most importantly, the truths you must know.

At Pertinence, people empowerment is the very core. Thus, in Chapter 9, the co-founders revealed the structures set up to reward realtors and employees; how they’ve made over one thousand people millionaires, sponsored hundreds of people for vacations abroad and training.

In this concluding chapter, the duo shared the unfair advantage we’ve enjoyed in the past decade of their partnership and business – ranging from The God Factor, to the sacrifices of their wives, families and the impact of mentors.


Learn about the Authors

Olorunsheyi Sunday

Co-founder, Pertinence group

Sunday is a successful serial entrepreneur, a business and management consultant, an investment advisor, and a global keynote speaker.

He serves a vast number of clients in different fields relating to management strategy development, business expansion, products and services development; activation and adaptation, sales and marketing; portfolio management, investment risk assessment and general business development. He has a PhD in Business Administration, two Master Degrees in Business Administration and Public Administration, from Business School Netherlands and Charisma University, respectively.

Wisdom Ezekiel

Co-founder, Pertinence group

Wisdom is a business magnate, an investor, a sought-after speaker, a philanthropist, the pioneer of Wisdom for Wealth, and a board member of 10 organizations.

He holds an Executive MBA from the Metropolitan School of Business, UK. He is a chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Policies, and a Harvard Business School Extension Certificate holder in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Wisdom is the Founder of REDi Studios and Redrush TV, and the producer of the first-ever Millionaire Skit Challenge. He has bagged numerous awards  across different sectors, notable among which is the Black History Month Community Award, Toronto, Canada.

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What people are saying about the book

Olorunseyi and Wisdom poured their hearts into this great piece, this is a very good book for every entrepreneur.
Damilare Oshokoya
This is a book on business partnerships but I highly recommend it for all married couples looking to build a better and healthier relationship with their spouse
Seun Odebowale
What they have achieved in 10 years is commendable, inspirational, and a challenge to a lot of people
Dr Stephen Oluwatobi

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